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The National Association of DJs
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Gloucestershire | Somerset | Wiltshire |
The Disco
Membership Number: M983
Shaun Cabry
South Gloustershire
Valid Member
PLI Validated
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Telephone: 07525835863
Mobile: 07525835863
The Disco

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I've been dj'ing since the early 80's and this is my favourite decade for great music. Don,t take my word for it,just listen to the radio to hear how many great songs are still playing. So if you want an 80's themed night then as Wham said "i'm your man" but we do all the other stuff too. Only last month we did a mad hatters themed birthday party, a great start to the year, but who knows what next.
So if your having a party or planing an event DON,T FORGET THE DISCO

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