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Website not showing like it should?

Well there's been a lot of changes recently with most of our many menus being consolidated into the main 'top menu.'  You'll notice that the top menu items will change depending of whether you're logged in or not - there's no point seeing 'Join NADJ' if you're already a member and logged in!

  We test the site continuously on a variety of devices and browsers and hope we haven't missed anything, if we have, do let us know.

  The following browsers display the website and all its functions fine, please ensure you stay up to date with the latest browser updates as we only test on the currently supported ones.

We rely heavily on the use of cookies and javascript, if you refuse cookies this site major elements (document upload etc) will not work at all.


Internet ExplorerWe test the site on Internet Explorer 8, 7 and 6.
Version 6 is a bit of a dinosaur now and should really be dropped as it has many vulnerabilities and it doesn't view new webpages very well at all.


Firefox 3.x (i.e. any of the version 3 builds).
Works fine with our database functions , just make sure you update regularly.


Google Chrome, the lastest version and the newest beta.
Google is the new kid on the block.  It's very fast and lightweight and it's the most downloaded application in the world at the moment.


Safari from Apple (Windows / Mac) Ver 4.x
As reliable as Firefox and as fast as Chrome.
The reason most Mac users don't install another browser.


Android Browser.
The browser on most Android powered phones.

Seems to work OK and site is usable albeit on a small screen.

UPDATE - When you visit the website on either an Android or IOS (apple iPhone or iPod) device you will get a mobile version of the website instead of the full site.