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A Great New Use For Your Tax Disc Holder
Emergency Contact Disc - A great use for your old tax disc holder.
Can you remember a month or so ago when the NADJ highlighted the changes to the way vehicles are taxed and the demise of the paper tax disc? If not, click here for a reminder: Vehicle Tax Changes
  Well, it seems that some Warwickshire Police officers have come up with a use for what was the old car tax disc holders that could come in handy should there be an accident.  Rather than throw the holder away, the Malvern Police Officers want to use them to store vital information that could help the emergency services with medical information and contact details.
  The information isn't on display to the public as those sections are folded inside the holder.  It seems that the manufacturers or those who bought a job lot of tax disc holders on the cheap may still be in business or have an opportunity to sell their product.
  If you want to download a PDF version of the idea, please head to their Google Docs page: Malvern Cops (Warwickshire Police) Google Docs - Emergency Contact Disc
  You can also follow the officers who came up with the idea on their Twitter page: https://twitter.com/MalvernCops
You're More Than Just A Membership Number To Us

The National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ) has traditionally used BPM as the launchpad for revised branding for the Association.  The event marks a definitive point each year where we come up with something different, something that portrays what we do for our members and why we think DJs should become a part of the largest DJ Association in the UK. 

  If you were at BPM at the NEC in Birmingham in September 2014 and you visited our stand, you may have noticed a video that was running on the television screens.  We want to show that our members are more than just a number to us - they're unique individuals.  That video (above) was the first part in our revised branding for the year ahead.

  The second part was to interact with our members by getting them to show to the world why they are a member of the NADJ and what they get out of being a part of an organisation that puts them at the top of their priority list.  So, we had over 200 images from BPM beamed from the exhibition stand to our Facebook page and many of them are of our members with a sign giving other DJs an idea of what they get out of the Association - it's more than just Public Liability Insurance (PLI), Employers Liability Insurance (ELI), free CDs and discounts/special offers.  Some of the greatest benefits aren't the ones you can physically place your hands on and that shone through in the cards that our members picked out.

A Postcard From One Of Our New Members
A Postcard From One Of Our New Members
We're sure that one of the nicest things one of our customers can do is to jot down a few notes of thanks in an e-mail, card or message. We know that it always gives you that warm fuzzy feeling that you've done a great job and it helps us to realise why we love the job of DJing.  Well, we received a surprise in the mail - a postcard from the Costa Blanca courtesy of one of our new members who joined the National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ) a few weeks ago.
  The card came from Rod Grickus who spoke to us a few times on the phone before deciding that being a member of and a part of the largest DJ Association in the UK was right for him.  Rod specialises in authentic Rock 'n' Roll events and his services are in demand both here in the UK and also abroad. In fact, Rod's in the Costa Blanca in Spain right now and we're sure he's working hard out there.
  He sent the team at the NADJ a card to say "hello" and to thank him for our help, assistance, advice and technical support with his new website. Rod is licensed to reproduce tracks under his own label by PRS for Music and MCPS and his new website is almost ready to go live. Our members will be entitled to a discount when his specialist music site is up and running, so if you need any Rock 'n' Roll music or some advice in that field of music, Rod is the man for you.
Processing Of New And Renewing Members Notification
New and renewing memberships to the NADJ will not be processed after 6pm on Friday 3rd October through to Friday 10th October 2014.
As the team of volunteers who run the National Association of Disc Jockeys are preparing to man the NADJ stand at PLASA in London this week, we thought it prudent to let all new and renewing members know that as of 6pm on Friday 3rd October 2014 through to Friday 10th October 2014, we will not be able to process any new or renewing membership applications.  All members who are affected by this have been sent an e-mail, giving them enough time to renew early and have their membership processed in good time.

  For those DJs joining the NADJ or finalising their application for membership during the above period, you will need to wait until our return from PLASA for your application to be processed.  Membership renewals or new applications will be processed on our return and your membership.  If you let your subscriptions lapse, any benefits of membership, including Public Liability Insurance (PLI), cannot be backdated and will only start again on the day the membership or renewal is processed.

  If you wish to know more about the professional sound and lighting event that is PLASA London, please visit their exhibition/event website: www.plasashow.com

  Registration is free and you can sign up now and print your entry tickets from their website.  We look forward to seeing some of our members at our stand (C100) at the ExCel in London and to sign up extra members to the largest DJ Association in the UK.

  Oh, before we forget, new applicants can take up a special 15 months for the price of 12 offer if they come to our stand at PLASA 2014.  So, if you missed out on the deal at BPM 2014, this will be another chance to take up the offer.

Mastermix Open Day 2014 Update
Mastermix Open Day 2014 - VideoThere are DJs from nearly every branch of the National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ) arranging cars, mini-buses or even coaches to get them to the HQ of Mastermix in Rotherham for their open day on Sunday 21st September 2014.
  To give you a visual taste of what's happening on the day, Richard Lee stars in a short video that gives you a sneak peek into the features they've got lined up. We liked the bit where the Association got a mention!

  The team here at the NADJ are really looking forward to meeting our friends and supporters at Mastermix and it's also a great opportunity to meet some of our members.  If you want to find out if your nearest NADJ branch is organising car shares or transport to the Mastermix Open Day, please select your nearest branch via their Facebook pages:
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