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If your PAT testing has just been renewed or if you are a new member, please fill in the form below and attach a copy of your PAT test document(s) - please pay particular attention to the criteria for your PAT test documents (in bold below).  Supplying valid PAT test documents is a condition of membership and members will receive a reminder e-mail if the documents we hold on file have lapsed.

Please note that the Document Upload service is restricted to files with a maximum size of 2Mb.  If you are not sure how big the document is with your PAT testing results, please e-mail us the file direct:

Only certain document formats are accepted and the preferred file format is PDF.  If you need to convert a document into a PDF file, there are many free programs on the Internet that will allow you to do that.  One such application is PromoPDF - when you want a document converting into a PDF file, select print and change the printer to the PrimoPDF as the preferred printer.  This will send the image to the PDF creator software and then you can save the file on your computer.

All PAT test documents are usually acknowledged within 48 hours and database entries for the 'Find A DJ' section of the NADJ website are updated upon safe receipt.  If you have not received received confirmation of successful upload, please get in touch:

The criteria for acceptable PAT test documents includes the following information on the documents you send through:

  • Details of the tester for traceability (information such as their name, business name, address, telephone numbers).
  • Register of items tested (just having stickers on your equipment will not be accepted).
  • Date of the testing (the expiry period will be one year from the date of testing only).
  • Your name or business details to show that it is your equipment that was tested.
We will contact you by e-mail if the PAT test documents you send in do not meet the minimum standards for traceability.  It is in your own best interests to have documents that will show a proper electrical safety test has been conducted on your equipment.  A manufacturers warranty/guarantee is not a test for electrical safety and new items of equipment MUST be tested, please do not get the two mixed up.
A cover sheet or 'certificate' is insufficient proof that the testing has been completed on your equipment.  Additional documents, such as the register of items tested will need to be sent to the Association before your membership is processed.
If you have multiple files that make up your PAT test documentation, please put them inside a zipped (zip) folder and upload via the form above.  If your files are larger than 2Mb, please send them via e-mail to:
DJs who conduct their own PAT testing must supply the same level of documentation that meets our PAT test document criteria and they must also supply evidence of 'competency' to carry out the testing.  There are many ways of being deemed 'competent' to carry out the test procedure, these include: City & Guilds courses, college courses, independent training courses, distance learning courses, etc.  For further information on the requirements for members who do their own PAT testing, please contact our Membership Officer for guidance:
Apple users may need to drag and drop their PAT test document file to the PAT data entry field (below). 
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