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I Just Need A DJ (Member Article)
“I just need a DJ,” is a phrase that sends a shiver down the spine of many Professional Disc Jockeys. It almost sounds like the customer isn’t expecting much in the way of entertainment for their party or it could be that they want the best of the best and they think that any or all DJs can meet their needs.
  That’s not always the case and a DJ doesn’t necessarily play for just a few hours a night, as NADJ Member, Chris Dye of Premier Wedding DJ in the North East explains.

NADJ Member, Chris Dye of Premier Wedding DJ.“Here’s a little story about my role as a Wedding DJ and how I can provide my services that can last the whole day.
  As with most of my enquiries, I received an e-mail from Matt and Jenny enquiring about my DJ services and they were interested in what else I could offer for their special day. They chose Beamish Hall Hotel in County Durham as their venue and, as with all my enquiries, I send out an email with quotation and an offer to meet up with the couple before they decide who they wanted to hire for their big day.
  The couple met with me and decided to book me not only for their evening disco, but also for Mood Lighting, ceremony music, afternoon music and photographic slideshow. Due to their wedding being held very early (10.30am ceremony) they were very conscious about having a long period in the afternoon to fill. I gave them a few ideas, however I suggested instead of putting plans firmly in place at this stage we could leave it until nearer the time.
Weekly DJ Podcasts - Updated Week 6
National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ) Member and NADJ London Branch Chairman, Tony Winyard, aims to interview 40 DJs from across the UK.  So, Check out his podcasts!
National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ) Member and NADJ London branch Chairman, Tony Winyard, has challenged himself to interview 40 DJs from around the country, each from different backgrounds and specialisations leading up to his BPM seminar debut in September 2013.
  These will form a weekly series of interviews with some of the many Professional Disc Jockeys from around the UK, with the aim of inspiring those thinking of starting to DJ as a career and for those that are new to it.
  There are some things that many of these DJs have in common and a common path that many have trod, but there are also very distinctive things that each of them have done to get to where they are now.
Beware Of What You Post On Facebook (Member Article)

Be careful of what you post on Facebook because it may come back to haunt you or affect your business.One of our members recently came across two incidents that have made him think closely at whether he should post live Facebook updates from the venues he's working at or providing services for.  Some of our members know the advantages of promoting your business on Facebook, but there are some things you need to be very wary of, as NADJ member Andy Boyle of Andy B Events, explains:

  "I've got this feeling that someone is setting out to potentially sabotage my business!  Two weeks ago, I supplied a black and white dance floor for a wedding at a hotel in Warrington.  The delivery team sent me a photo of it which I then posted on my Facebook page and I included a brief description.

  When they went back to pick it up that night, the General Manager of the venue greeted them along the lines of 'thank god you're here!'

  Apparently, the hotel had a call during the evening to let them know that we couldn't pick the dance floor up until the next day.  This was a  big problem for them as they serve breakfast in that room in the morning.  Neither myself nor the delivery team made this call.

Is It All About The Kit? (Member Article)

The team here at the National Association of Disc Jockeys are always trawling the Internet for new and interesting articles, tips, tricks and other news related to the DJ sector of the Entertainment Industry.  We feature some of the comments from members, non-members, suppliers and other representatives who work within the DJ area (with their permission, of course!).

  While viewing the various NADJ branch pages on Facebook, we spotted a few words from Bernie Tiller of Spectra Discotheques.  He has recently reviewed what he takes out as a part of his basic Mobile Disco package and he decided to post his findings on the NADJ London Facebook page.  Bernie has looked at how some Mobile DJs are progressing and he experimented with the show that he puts out.  Here's what he had to say and if you'd like to comment, please add your feedback to the bottom of this page:

  "Last year I stepped back and had a look at what I was doing.  I was having a problem getting reliable roadies, I was not doing so much in London any more and a lot of the venues I was booked in were quite small.

  I have always put out a very large show - a lot of the events I was working at needed it.  Huge venues needed the visual impact and the sound.  It had got to the stage that I would pack what ever I could into any space and I needed a large van for all the gear.

Enhancing Your Wedding Venue (Member Article)

NADJ Member Tony Winyard writes about his thoughts on the DJ/Disco/Wedding Entertainment sector.It's been a while since we ran an article from Tony Winyard who was recently appointed as the Chairman of the London branch of the National Association of Disc Jockeys.  We've received some very favourable comments in the past and Tony has just updated his blog, so please take some time out to have a read and if you feel like commenting, drop him an e-mail or add your thoughts to the bottom of this article.

  Please note - the article is not aimed at those who are planning to get married or those who are hosting an event, but by giving your customers options when dealing with their enquiry, you may help yourself to clinch that all-important booking:  

There are a multitude of ways to enhance any venue. A place such as a community hall, social club etc can be transformed into something very elegant looking with the use of things like drapes, lighting and so on.  And even quite prestigious venues can be improved and given your personal touch to look quite different from many of the other events that have been held at the same venue.

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